Tuesday, November 02, 2004

President Bush popular vote total exceeds 2000

The President just(01:43 EST) exceeded his popular vote total from the 2000 election:

2000 50,456,002
2004 50,539,064

Iowa and New Mexico are leaning for the Pres and Nevada is still open. Wisconsin seems to be about out of reach now......

Late totals coming in from Iowa

The President has moved ever so close to the magic number. He is up by about 20,000 in New Mexico; 130,000 in Ohio and now finally the gap has closed in Iowa to:

Kerry 651,427 50%
Bush 650,172 50%

Still good, but a VERY long way to go

Nearly 21:00 and the Prez is still out in front:

Bush 55% 7,130,557
Kerry 44 5,709,044

The 1st Million

President Bush pushed past one million at 19:39.

Bush 58% 1,033,545
Kerry 42% 743,877

A very good start to the evening

It's early, very early, but the first results just came across the the wire at Yahoo:

Bush 61% 4,595
Kerry 38% 2,830

Very early and I have no idea which state let alone which district this comes in from, but I have to say it is good start.

Election Night 2004

So let's see how the night progresses. This is my live blog for election night 2004. First things first: a bold prediction...... President Bush will win the popular vote 51% to 48% and a massive electorial landslide 347-191 or thereabouts.

I'll update as the night progresses.